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During 2021 we took part in several joint projects co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2070 (ERDF), such as Batera (ZL-2021/00569), Instore (ZL-2021/00655) , Retail + (ZL-2021/00717) and OnOff (ZL-2021/00574), focusing on alternative protein, artificial intelligence in inventory management, smart labeling and customer behavior study.


EROSKI participates in the EU funded Horizon 2020 project SISTERS. SISTERS aims to reduce food loss and food waste in the main different stages of the Food Value Chain in Europe through innovations targeted to each link of the value chain: new tools to primary producers for promoting direct and Short Chain sales (farmers); new technological innovations in packaging for processors and retailers; and awareness campaigns for retailers and consumers on food loss and food waste.

With the support of the European Commission, SISTERS will be a key EU project addressing the problem in a holistic way, reducing food loss and food waste by 27.4% and CO2 emissions by around 20% in the case studies. Within the project, EROSKI is leading a work package on the impact of SISTERS innovations at the marketing stage, by the demonstration of the advantages of innovative containers and packaging for wholesalers’ and retailers’ acceptance, creating good practices guidelines and a seal of excellence for wholesalers and retailers.

The project started on November 2021, it will last 4 years and gathers 18 partners from 8 different European countries: AITIIP Centro Tecnológico (ES)-project coordinator, Agence BM-services (FR), Riberebro Integral S.A. (ES), PROEXPORT (ES), Munster Technological University (IE), Rebus Labs AG (CH), CARBIOLICE (FR), BIO-MI d.o.o (HR), ITC Packaging s.l. (ES), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE), Natureplast SAS (FR), EROSKI (ES), Fondazione Edmund Mach (IT), Laboratori Archa s.r.l. (IT), Enco Consulting s.r.l. (IT), INNOVARUM (ES), Safe Food Advocacy Europe A.S.B.L. (BE) and GAIA BioMaterials (SE).

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