10 Commitments to Health and Sustainability

We fully incorporated these sustainable development principles in our organisation, aligning our strategic and management plans with the aim of reducing and mitigating negative impacts and promoting positive impacts. Therefore, since 2018, we have EROSKI's 10 Commitments to Health and Sustainability, which are our guiding principles and road map for adequately meeting the demands and expectations of consumers and society, to which CAPRABO also adhered in 2019.

1. We are committed to food safety


We are committed to food safety through a preventive quality plan, product traceability control and maintenance of the cold chain for fresh produce.

  • 15,427

    analytical controls of products and services

  • 318

    audits on suppliers

  • 918

    audits on points-of-sale

2. We promote a balanced diet


We promote the consumption of the food we need to keep a balanced diet, reduce nutrients whose excessive consumption is harmful to health in our own-brand products and improve the quality of their saturated fats.

  • 183

    own-brand products reformulated to improve their nutritional profile

  • 86

    own-brand products reformulated to eliminate palm or coconut oil from their ingredients, which we will complete for the entire own-brand range in 2021.

3. We prevent child obesity


We work to prevent child obesity, promoting and providing a balanced diet for children, prioritising the nutritional quality of our children's products and teaching two million children and their families healthy lifestyle habits by 2025.

  • 126,002

    schoolchildren trained in 2020 through our Food and Healthy Eating Habits Educational Programme (PEAHS).

4. We meet specific nutritional needs


We work so that people with specific needs find everything they need for their nutrition at our stores, broadening the diversity of our offering and offering alternatives such as our order service or our online store.

  • 3,000

    gluten-free products at our stores, more than 530 of our brands.

  • +1,600

    members of the Coeliac Associations of the Basque Country, Navarre, Catalonia and La Rioja benefited from a 20% discount in 200 specific gluten-free products.

5. We encourage responsible consumption


We facilitate sustainable nutrition, reducing the environmental impact of our processes, stores and products. Also, we promote eco-friendly products and those resulting from more sustainable production processes, in addition to the reduction of artificial additives and animal welfare.

  • 9%

    reduction in CO2 in 2020 compared to the previous year.

  • +145

    eco-designed containers and packaging

  • +9 million

    meals donated to social entities as part of our Zero Waste programme

6. We offer more local products


We contribute to the development of the social and economic environment of our stores and promote local culture and development in the community through gastronomic events, visits to the production facilities and by collaborating in the most deeply rooted and traditional festivals.

  • 2,692

    local products offered in collaboration with 2,404 small local producers

  • + €12 million

    allocated to social actions in the environments where we operate

  • + €1 million

    raised with the New Solidarity Cents Programme.

7. We facilitate affordable healthy eating


We lower the prices in products required to keep a balanced and responsible diet, and develop personalised savings proposals for our Client Partners.

  • + €326 million

    in savings transferred to our customers through offers, promotions and other campaigns

8. We act by listening, with clarity and transparency

We act in a clear and transparent manner, always with the participation of Partners, employees and customers, in addition to other stakeholders. We also seek maximum clarity and transparency in the information offered on our packaging.

  • 64,200

    Client Partners participated in listening exercises

  • 100%

    of own-brand products with Nutri-Score advanced nutritional labelling at stores, 2,869 on the packaging itself

  • 100%

    of the proposed recipes for healthy dishes included the Nutri-Score rating

9. We care about our employees


We promote training in health, well-being and responsible consumption with the aim of improving their quality of life, offering training, assessment, activities, programmes and tools for our employees and their families.

  • 429

    EROSKI employees participated in the 2,826 training hours on balanced diet and health delivered.

  • 109,549

    total employee training hours

10. We promote a healthier lifestyle


We promote quality information on health and sustainability through channels such as the CONSUMER EROSKI magazine and www.consumer.es. We also have a personalised assessment programme for EROSKI Club Members.

  • 47.9 million

    visits in www.consumer.es

  • +25,000

    Client Partners actively participated in healthy eating challenges

  • +29,000

    Client Partners received monthly Ekilibria reports.