Key data 2020

At EROSKI we continue to make progress in our Commitments to Health and Sustainability, maintaining a position of strength in relation to the new needs arising from the pandemic and working to adapt to the new requirements of society.

  • 5,377

    million euros in revenue

  • 4,807

    million euros in net distribution sales

  • 1,624


  • 72

    new openings

  • +6

    million Client Partners

  • +9

    million meals donated through the Zero Waste programme

  • 44,830

    tonnes of waste recycled or recovered following the principles of the circular economy

  • 10,394


  • 2,404

    local small producers

  • 20,692

    local product references

  • 29,806

    Employees in the EROSKI Group

  • 3,348

    estimated jobs in franchises

  • 73%

    of our management positions are occupied by women

  • 720,990

    queries answered by our Customer Care Service

  • 64,200

    Client Partners have participated with their ideas for improving our commercial offering and our stores

  • 3,000

    gluten-free products in our stores

  • European Environmental Award

    in the Basque Country section and runner-up in the Spanish section for our commitment to Sustainable Local Fishing

  • 16,663

    Product analyses and audits on stores and supplier production plants

  • 126,002

    schoolchildren through our Food and Healthy Habits Educational Programme

  • 70%

    of our own-brand references already have a Nutri-Score rating of A, B or C